Our Services

Human Ressources

Thanks to our long term experience with freelancers as well as employees we can offer you support for the recruitment of specialists in the areas of Concept Generation, Design Development, Visualization and Prototyping. We maintain a competent network of professionals and therefore can provide you with the perfect team for your needs.

Trade fairs and events

We take charge of all the organizational side of any event or trade fair or your booth at one. Uniquely generated 3D models help to bring your ideas to life just the way you have imagined. We accompany you along the way with a specially formed project team that makes sure your needs and requirements are met. If you are looking for reliable trade fair partners for a cooperation, we provide you with the best contacts to make a long lasting impression.


Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are exciting technologies with a potential user base of tens of millions. We are providing support and consult businesses, expanding to new and unexploited areas including engineering, music, retail, healthcare, education, construction and tactical technology.

3D Animation

With our team of young as well as experienced professionals from all over the world, we ignite your Imagination and bring your ideas to life as a 3D Animation. Our combined skills are ensuring you high-end quality and realtime animations.


You have a drawing or a draft of your future product but not enough money to produce a prototype? We are going to create a 3D Model of it, therefore you are going to be able to visualize your future product or concept as a photorealistic image or plastic. This way it is easier to present something never seen before to an investor or potential partner. Want more? We are delivering a functional 3D printed model of your product, on demand.


We are very experienced with publishers, agencies and the enterprise market in general, all over the world. Defining a CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) project is a challenge which we can help you with to better understand your case and provide new insights. You are going to be fascinated by the options you have in the CGI area and industry. Take advantage of our vast experience along with our local partners.